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Tunisian Harissa ! a hot paste produced from fresh chili, garlic and spices, is one of the most famous culinary products. Tunisian Harissa, a recipe inspired for over 60 years, is considered the ultimate Tunisian local product.
The popularity of canned Harissa has long since reached the international market, especially Europe.
The spicy paste is also a fundamental ingredient of the Tunisian cuisine and can be found in a wide range of dishes.
The recipe of Tunisian harissa is made from 5 ingredients:
Peppers, Garlic, Salt, Caraway and Coriander.
​Tunisian Harissa contains more than 85 % of fresh red chili pepper.

Food Quality Label Tunisia

The ‘Tunisia Food Quality Label’ for Harissa was created in 2014. The logo that appears on the certified Tunisian Harissa packages is a guarantee of an authentic traditional recipe and the quality and freshness of its carefuly selected ingredients.

Identified by the logo, committed to the label!
Companies producing canned Harissa must comply with strict requirements controlled by GICA as an institution managing the Tunisian food quality label & by a certification body.
Ps. The Logo of the label, inspired by an ancient coin, represents a smiling sun and invites you to discover the warm Tunisian culinary habits.

Certified companies

The ‘Tunisia Food Quality Label’ for Harissa was created in 2014. The logo that appears on the certified Tunisian Harissa packages is a guarantee of an authentic traditional recipe and the quality and freshness of its carefuly selected ingredients.

Certified "food quality label" companies


Products :

Double Concentrated tomato puree, Harissa labelled «Food Quality Label Tunisia», Harissa du CAP BON-CAP D’OR, jam, Harissa FNARE DU CAP BON, white beans, chickpeas, peas Fnare, Salad Méchouia, red beans, display units for Harissa 1/6, lentils, white beans in tomato sauce, fruit purée.

Presentation :
Carthage Food, has developed since 2004 its expertise in producing high quality products such as HARISSA.
The production unit, located on a nine-hectare site uses the most modern manufacturing and packaging technology.

With a wealth of achievements and building on its experience, Carthage Food company offers today a wide range of products benefiting from the latest technological innovations in canning and packaging in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and the international regulations.


Address :
Route de Sousse km5 Kairouan 3100
Executive responsible :
Representative : Mr Salah Gadhoum
Position : Production manager
Phone : +216 70 24 13 70
Fax : +216 70 24 13 71
Mobile : +216 95 92 08 44
E-mail :salahgadhoum@gmail.com
Website :www.carthagefood.com


Products :

Canned tomato : double concentrated tomato puree, triple concentrated tomato puree, canned Harissa Neblia labelled «Food Quality Label Tunisia».

Presentation :
La Générale Alimentaire “JOUDA” was founded in 1975 in the middle of an agricutural area linking the city of Kairouan to Oueslatia (central east of la Tunisia). The company is specialized in producing canned food for double and triple concentrated tomato puree (made of fresh tomatoes) and harissa (made of pepper).
Certified twice, ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 ( HACCP). In 2008 the company won the Superior taste Award granted by the International Taste & Quality Institute – iTQi.


Address :
Route de Ouslatia – Kairouan
Executive responsible :
Representative :
Position : Export Manager
Phone : (+216) 36 40 34 03 / (+216) 77 30 57 61
Fax : (+216) 77 301 550
E-mail :commercial@jouda.com.tn

Website :www.jouda.com.tn


Products :

Tomato, Harissa labelled « Food Quality Label Tunisia», Jam, Salad Mechouia, Chakchouka.

Presentation :
The Cap Bon Modern Canned–Food Company, COMOCAP was founded in May 1961 by late Ali Obay. COMOCAP is specialized in producing double concentrated tomato puree and pepper Harissa as well as jam… . All these products are marketed under the same brand name «Le Petit Paris».

Since its foundation, our company has been rooted in its natural environment renowned for its high quality and  for the taste of farm products.

COMOCAP has been growing throughout the years and succeeded to assert its brand image based on high quality and professionalism.

The high level of food safety is also a sound guarantee through the ongoing updating of the control systems and their full compliance with the most rigorous quality standards ISO 9001/ISO 22 000 et OHSAS 18001.


Address :
Société des Conserves Modernes du CAP BON Saheb El Jebal Nabeul 8026, Tunisie
Executive responsible :
Mr Moncef OBAY
Representative :
Mr Slim OBAY
Position : Sales manager
Phone : +216 72 29 45 25
Fax : +216 72 29 45 70
Mobile : + 216 29 00 09 44
E-mail :slim.obay@lepetitparis.com.tn
Website :www.lepetitparis.com.tn


Products :

Tomatoes and their derivatives, peppers and their derivatives, harissa labelled «Food Quality Label Tunisia», Tomato Sauce, jam, light jam, olive oil, pickles…

Presentation :
Société Tunisienne Industrielle du Cap Bon was founded in 1974. It is specialized in processing fresh fruit and vegetables “Olives, Tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, apricots, apple, quince, figs, pears,…” into canned food without preservatives, additives or dyes in order to provide its customers with high nutritional quality food in line with international standards.
This is the first Tunisian canning factory having won two international certifications: HACCP DS 3027 V 2002 and ISO 9001 V 2000.

Brand name HARISSA : STICAP 

Address :
Av. Farhat Hached – Dar Allouch – Tunisie
Executive responsible :
Mr Mohamed Habib BELHAJ
Representative :
Mr Mohamed Ali BELHAJ
Position : Business Manager
Phone : +216 72 29 40 17
Fax : +216 72 29 40 32
Mobile : +216 28 30 13 71
E-mail :contact@sticap.com.tn
Website :www.sticap.com.tn


Products :

Double concentrated tomato, Harissa, and Harissa labeled «Food Quality Label Tunisia»

Presentation :
PACNA is a subsidiary of SODACO Group (Daoud Canned Food Company) created in 1969. Located in the Cap Bon area, PACNA is one of the leading companies in the agrofood sector in Tunisia.

Our concern is to constantly improve the quality of our products and to diversify our range according to the expectations and needs of our customers.

Brand name HARISSA : PACNA 

Address :
Rte de Korbous 8020 SOLIMAN  Tunisia
Executive responsible :
Phone : +216 72 291 181
Fax : +216 72 28 79 81
E-mail :sodaco@gnet.tn

Website: www.sodaco.com.tn 

Zgolli Frères

Products :

Canned tomato and tomato sauce, Harissa, and Harissa certified «Food Quality Label Tunisia», Salad mechouia, Quince jam.

Presentation :
“Zgolli Frères is a family company, created in 1975 specialized in fruit and vegetables processing.
The factory is located in the Cap Bon area in the northeastern of Tunisia, close to tomatoes and peppers fields.
Our wide range of products is the result of a constant work of innovation combining development and improved cooperation between our customers, our suppliers and our team.

Brand name HARISSA : Zgolli 

Address :
Avenue Habib Bourguiba 8070 – Korba- Tunisie
Executive responsible :
Mr Lassaâd ZGOLLI
Representative : Mr Lassaâd ZGOLLI
Position :Manager
Phone : +216 72 38 84 56
Fax : +216 72 38 89 78
Mobile : +216 98 36 45 11
E-mail :zgolli.lassaad@ezf.com.tn
Site web : www.zgolli.tn



Established in 1965, the Tunisian Group for the Canned Food Industries (GICA) is a public institution gathering the Tunisian industries involved in fruit, vegetable & fish processing sectors, under the authority of the Ministry of Industry.
GICA manages the ‘food quality label’ by ensuring the following missions :

  • The establishment and improvement of specifications.
  • Technical assistance to the processing companies
  • Implementation of a Marketing policy
  • Monitoring of the certified products and the right to use of the logo.
  • Performing chemical, physical and stability tests in its accredited laboratory.


A project for market access of agrofood: pampat by unido

The Project on market access for agrofood and typical products in Tunisia (French acronym PAMPAT Tunisia) aims at improving the performance, market access and socio-economic conditions of producers in three selected value chains around traditional, regional flagship products, namely Harissa, fig of Djebba and the cactus/prickly pear in Kasserine.

PAMPAT is being implemented by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in collaboration with the Tunisian Ministries of Industry and Agriculture. The project is financed by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO).

The project focuses on strengthening the governance of the selected value chains, improving the productivity and promoting product diversification of the micro, small and medium enterprises involved. The project also aims at enhancing the positioning of the three supported regional flagship products in both domestic and export markets through a collective approach. Additionally, the PAMPAT project promotes the products’ compliance with the requirements of the Tunisian quality labels and geographical indications in order to position the agrofood products in niche markets thus increasing the revenues and employment opportunities in the three value chains. Special attention is being placed in supporting young entrepreneurs, women and those producers located in disadvantaged regions.

Regarding the harissa value chain, the PAMPAT project has assisted the Ministry of Industry and the public-private Tunisian Group for Canned Food Products (GICA) to set-up the certification and control system of the voluntary labelling standard “Food Quality Label Tunisia”. Industrial companies interested in certifying their harissa production need to apply stringent product specifications and undergo a double check, both from the managing body of the label GICA and an external certification institute.

The project has also provided technical assistance to nine harissa companies to set-up the required traceability system along the supply chain and comply with the product specifications. The latter were published in December 2014 by decision of the Minister of Industry. Today five companies have started producing certified “Food Quality Label” harissa. It is expected that 4 additional companies will follow at the end of 2016.

With the support of the PAMPAT project and GICA, the five companies SICAM, JOUDA, COMOCAP, CARTHAGE FOOD and STICAP, which account for one third of total industrial harissa production in Tunisia, have already started promoting together their certified harissa. The new label is being presented in several countries such as Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Spain and USA.


Contact Us

Group for the Canned Food Industries (GICA)

Adress :
77 Avenue Taieb M’hiri -1002 Tunis-Tunisia

Phone :
(+216) 71 782 633 – (+216) 71 784 921

Fax :
(+216) 71 783 206